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A Digital Trust Consortium around Self-Sovereign Identity.

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About TrustNet PK

TrustNet PK is a nationwide industry-networked initiative focused on designing and developing blockchain-based distributed solutions around personal data management based on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). This TrustNet is the foundation for markets that deals with personal data, as it enables individuals and organizations to control the flow of their private data across different business sectors and industries. It establishes the fundamental building blocks for creating new personal data-centric services.

It is intended for Pakistan business industry to gain national and international competitive advantage on blockchain based digital identities. Our consortium members have this fascinating new technology that has strong cross-industry potential, but it must be trialed in order establish the market lead. TrustNet PK dedicatedly invests into arranging cross-industry trials, open-source contributing, releasing proof-of-concepts and educating market about Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Together we can accelerate Pakistani industry players to adopt SSI and help build interoperable decentralized ledger based trust networks.

What TrustNet PK is?


TrustNet PK is a consortium enabler that empowers various industries to deal with digital identity data in principles of Decentralization and Self-Sovereign Identity.

Open source

We are committed to building an open-source and collaborative distributed trust ecosystem and will open-source various modules under a free license.


TrustNet PK will have succeeded when various industry identity based networks will collaborate and be available for every citizen. This is what we are working towards.

What TrustNet PK is Not?


Using blockchain and SSI principals, TrustNet PK encompasses many different projects from various industries. It is not a single project tied to a single domain or use-case.


TrustNet PK is not limited to any particular domain or business sector. Your enterprise defines the scope of digital identity and Self-Sovereign Identity use-cases in it.


It is not a software or a data service you could integrate. Contrary to that it is a consortium which can help your organization to explore and build SSI based blockchain solutions.

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Why We Care?

Trust around Digital Identity in Pakistan is long unsolved problem and we believe Self-Sovereign Identity is the answer.


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